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Diamond Platnumz blasts baby mama Mobetto for using witchcraft to lure him into marriage

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond Platinumz

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond Platinumz


Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz has lashed out at his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto over claims she has been using witchcraft to lure him into marriage.

Tanzanian social media platforms have been awash with audio clips claimed to be secret recordings of  Hamisa consulting a witch doctor.

In the recordings, a woman is heard beseeching the alleged witch doctor to help her have control over Diamond so that he can comply with all her desires.


Further, the woman tells the witch doctor that she wants Diamond’s mother Sandra, and his elder sister Esma Platnumz, who are not fond of her, dealt with as they appear to be an obstacle to her ambitions.

The authenticity of the recordings is in doubt, with many accusing Diamond’s family of sponsoring the recording in order to ruin the relationship between the singer and the video vixen.

Shockingly, Diamond has come out to defend his sister and mother against such accusations.


Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto


In an interview with Wasafi TV, the singer confirmed to have listened to the recordings carefully and is satisfied beyond doubt that the woman’s voice is that of Hamisa.

“Unapotaka kwenda kwa mganga uniroge mimi, na mamangu na familia yangu, unaonekana wewe haushindwi kumuua hata mamangu kama unawaza eti mimi nikupe nyumba sijui nikupe nini. Voice note zinatambaa tambaa, mimi pia nilitumiwa hiyo voice note. Ninazo halafu unajua unasikia kitu ambacho unajua huyu ni yeye,” Diamond states in the interview.

He further revealed how he confronted Hamisa with the voice recordings.

“Halafu nikamwambia ‘huyu ni wewe’… Halafu mara kumi uniroge katika kazi zako sio utake kuniroga mimi eti nikuoe. Why do you wanna do that?”

“So kuna vitu watu wanaongea ongeaa, halafu wanajaribu kuvipindisha aonekane mamangu na dadangu ndio wana matatizo. Mamangu na dadangu hawezi kuwa na matatizo. Halafu hao watu wako unaowatuma wakatukane, nishawahi kuona ukiwatuma wakatukane kwa watu wengine. Kwa sababu uliwatuma pia wamtukane Zamaradi. Unachokifanya sio kizuri”

This has been loosely translated as;

“When you want to go to a witchdoctor to bewitch my mother and my family, that means you cannot hesitate to kill my mother for me to buy you a house or anything. The voice notes are being shared on social media are legitimate, I have the same voice notes and I have listened to them too”

“I have listened to the voice notes and I can confirm that it’s Hamisa and I told her that this is your voice. So people are just talking and trying to twist the truth to me as if my mother and sister have issues and they don’t. They don’t have issues. Then Hamisa you send your people to abuse my mother and sister. I have personally seen you sending people to abuse other people, just the same way you sent your lot to abuse Zamaradi”

“What you’re doing is not right. Instead of seeking witchcraft to support your work, you are seeking witchcraft to force me to marry you…”

The audio clips are said to have leaked just weeks after Hamisa revealed that she had turned down so many marriage proposals as she waits on the singer to ask her hand in marriage.


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