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Letter to my future husband

Dear future husband,
… the love I hold custody safe in this my heart box compels me each time to write a note to you
I gaze at this air space just to await for that shooting star so I could make a wish for you.

Hubby, can I share with a secret? When I step in the shower at twilight, I stand facing up the bathroom sealing and picture you scrubbing my tiring shoulder.

On Valentines’ Day I kept this Egyptian silk scarf awaiting to feel your tender neck.

My Future Husband, the creator of Me and You already matched us in a sacred matrimony that only you and I will live to celebrate its fruits for the rest of the days.

Honey, I pray that God keeps and guides every step that you take just to closer bring your bold, brave and gentle steps towards me.

I am waiting just to embrace and be dissolved in your arms with a touch of care and passion that you want to shower me for all our anniversaries through.

Like a bird in a Muvule, I am lost still searching and calling out to you. Please find me.
I cannot wait for us to be friends so we could do the things that we want to do to each other.

My Love, I cannot wait to move in the same bus with you to Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Bahamas…I want us to walk holding hands like we met for the first time.

I pray the Almighty protects you wherever you are. I know that you are saving for us and that the partnered investments await us to run this road of happiness together.

My Lily, the pink rosy purple petal dress is still packed in the brides shop. Honey I cannot try it out and see whether it fits without your presence.
My husband, I feel you closer than before especially when I cook your favorite dish. I already feel we love the same type of food.

Hubby, my skin jacket, my future baby daddy, please hurry and find me, this desiring volcano can never seize to stop. I will wait for you to release that magma on my behalf.
I remain your unconditional friend, Laura.

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