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Chameleon renovates Daniella Villas Apartments

Daniella and Jose Chameleone.

Daniella and Jose Chameleone. COURTESY PHOTOS

Singer Jose Chameleone is not known for talking about his investiments, in fact, the only asset of his known to the public are the Daniella Villas apartments found in Bweyogerere. The apartments were acquired by Chameleone in the wife’s names Daniella Atim in 2015 but it is said that like his name, he is always changing character when it comes to dealing with tenants.
A source says he got into a series of misunderstandings with some tenants and ended up chasing them away.
“The tenants were used to Daniella but when Chameleone came around one day to talk to them, they didn’t know he was the owner, some answered him arrogantly thus the fall out’’ our source said. After abandoning the apartments for almost a year, we have learnt that the artiste has decided to renovate them. Some speculate that he may be trying to sell them off while others believe it is because music may not be as lucrative for the artiste as before and he is creating a backup plan..

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