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Observations from Blankets & Wine

Uncle Mo Sixty two per cent — that is how much alcohol is in a bottle of wine. That means if we started drinking in the afternoon, we have probably lost our marbles by 8pm. Hello organisers! Having three acts to go at 8pm is asking for too much from us! You don’t want to be the main act in these evolved Blankets and Wine times.

FASHION I would love to beat about the details but according to Google weather, it was supposed to rain and yes it was going to, but Ugandan gals took matters into their own hands to reverse that- If you know you know. THE ACTS “New Kampala”: This was a segment of fresh talents around town backed by a star dressed Akadope band.

ETH: Star look, star voice but gods what a lazy performance, aren’t we lucky we didn’t have this guy at the Commonwealth Games, he would have deliberately come 4th to avoid the ‘hardwork’ of walking onto the podium. PLAY ONE: On top of a good rap act, this guy had me looking at my laptop with all kinds of disappointment. He made music off his right there live on stage.

TONYA: Reminded me of the B&W of the old, when the music was right. She’s such a show off though, putting an enviable vocal ability on display as she walked onto stage.

R’AFRIKA: Of musical journeys that span opera to hip-hop to Lingala thanks to an energetic performance by this Congolese group, they even had a strange chap that conducted the A Kadope band during the performance.

ROOTS WARRIORS: Imagine a lazy day at home in your lousy t-shirt and shorts on the couch watching TV with one hand holding that stale pizza slice from last night and the other hand in your pants. Get the picture? Now lose the pizza, get the hand out of your pants, wear some random pair of shoes and get onto the B&W stage. That was Joe Kahirimbanyi, someone should have told him that we paid 100k. He was however in the company of talent like, Tshaka Mayanja, Kenneth Mugabi, Michael Kitanda, Festo, among others. Great band but the crowd wasn’t for a long reggae session. Their memorable performances coming from Generale Czarbu and covers by Pages of Janzi Band.

THE BEN: When he got on stage, that is when I realised that half the crowd at this B&W was Rwandan. He had a full band with six back-up singers but unfortunately for him the timing was not working; we were getting tired, the wine was doing things to our eyes and minds and Monday was whispering things to our ears.

FIK FAMICA: The most anticipated act of the night was Fik’s, but you need a good memory to recall anything he did up there. Watching him perform for my first time, am sure to save my fascination with him I shall stick to his audios. Half the time he forgot his songs… His only notable performance was that Kutama song.

HEAVY K: Probably the best act of the night, but did we care? We were DONE, it was Sunday, it was getting late, Ubers were not arriving, phones were getting stolen and we were now worrying about SIM replacements. He had a drummer full of energy, his act fit the bill of a closing act but the crowd had thinned and we longed to go home, I am sure he did too.

CRIME: Can the police put an “immuinity” zone at these events where mobile phone thieves are allowed to drop our SIM cards off. UCC has made it hard enough to replace a SIM with the whole dramatic requirements of blood sample, immunisation card, confirmation certificate and reciting your phonebook. If you lost your phone on Sunday, you need to apply for leave to start the process or it is going to be 1993 in your life for months.

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