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Hustler Sarah Namagembe

MAKE UP: Make up business is slowly becoming a big thing in Kampala but like any business, it takes passion and dedication to stick to it. Sarah Namagembe says she is living her dream doing make up.

What kind of business do you do?
I am a makeup artist and an assistant producer.

What is the name of this business?
Sera Cosmetics Parlour.

When did you become a makeup artist?
In May 2016.

Why make up?
I decided to do this kind of business because it is flexible. This business allows me to do my other things. I am living my dream doing this business.

Where did you learn to do make up from?
I learnt from the Internet. I always watched clips on YouTube and with time, I mastered how to go about it. I kept upgrading until I mastered everything.

How much did you invest in this business and where did you get that money from?
I invested Shs2.5m, which I had saved over time.

How much do you charge for a face beat?
That depends on the type of makeup someone wants but my beginning price is Shs20,000.

What kits do you need to do proper make up?
You need eyelash curlers, kabuki brushes, moisturiser and primer, concealer and foundation, eyebrow pomade and a spoolie brush, eyeliner and mascara, brushes, blush and highlighter, among other things.

How many clients do you get in a week?
I get about 10 clients in a week. They all come in at different times.

What challenges do you face doing this kind of business?
Most of the makeup products are expensive and I do not have enough funds.

Where is this business located?
We are located in Nakulabye opposite Nicodemus.

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