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Clovis Atwine

 Movie centres are probably one of the most common hustle in Kampala and for those in the business, it is worth it. Clovis Atwine has been in this business for almost a year now and it is paying off.

What kind of business do you do? I run a movie library and we basically sell and distribute movies.

What is the name of this business? Nsambya Movie Centre.

When did you start up this business? In December 2017. Movies are easy to download, so people can access them.

Why did you go for this kind of a business? I love movies, so the passion inspired me to start up this business. Besides that, this is a business that does not need a lot of capital to start up.

How much capital did you start with? I started with Shs5m which I used to buy a computer, paid three months’ rent, partitioned the shop and bought CDs.

What kind of movies do you sell? I sell action movies, adventure, comedy, horrors, science fiction, series, animated movies, local movies and so much more.

How much do you sell these movies? All the other movies go for Shs1,000 but series go for Shs1,500. Soft copies on flash disks go for Shs800. How many movies do you sell in a week? Approximately 350.

What challenges do you face doing this kind of business?

My major challenge is the unstable electricity yet the business fully depends on it.

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