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Wema Sepetu back in action with Diamond Platinumz


Daimond and Wema Sepetu. COURTESY PHOTOS

There is this adage that goes like ‘The first cut is the deepest’ and Wema Sepetu is enough reason to show that this saying really exists.

Wema Sepetu, as we write this, is in things after being offered a job by Diamond Platinumz to work on his Wasafi TV station as a show host.

She revealed this in a social media post that said, “Diamond is going to be my boss and I will host a show on Wasafi TV.”

This comes in the wake of news that Zari and Diamond are no longer in a relationship which led to rumors that Sepetu could be the main reason for their break up as the two have lately been hanging out together.

Wema Sepetu

However, she disregarded these rumors saying Diamond and her are just friends.

“Diamond and I are just friends. We have matured and decided to grow up. We, therefore, decided to put aside our initial differences and work together,” she stated, adding that she had nothing to do in the fall-out between Zari and Diamond because her chapter with Diamond ended in 2014.

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Wema Sepetu is credited for having connected Diamond with Davido with whom they did ‘Number one’ which went ahead to be his breakthrough song. After the success of the song, Diamond threw her away and hooked up Zari thereafter.

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