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The Beat: New faces, new vibes, fresher than fresh

The beat


NEW FACES: Douglas Ngobi known to many as Daggy Nice, and Tracy Kababiito are the new presenters of NTV’s The Beat show. The two come from different worlds and as they take on their new role, there are lots of eyes glued on them. Will they live up to the expectations? Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with the two.

Who is Daggy Nice?
I was born Douglas Isubikalu Ngobi. My father Peter Ngobi heads an insurance company and my mother Sarah Ngobi is a pastor. I went to Vincent Alex Kindergarten, Mwiri Primary School in Jinja, Busoga College Mwiri, Crested SSS in Makindye and Makerere University.

Where did the name Daggy Nice come from?
Daggy Nice was inspired by Jose Chameleone. Back in the day, I used to hang around that man a lot, both at his home and out. So whenever he would send me for anything, I would just do without question. So in 2013 during his Badilisha concert, he had very white sneakers but the ground was wet and yet he had to step on stage clean. I ran out, grabbed two polythene bags and asked him to wrap them around his shoes. It was then that Sam Mukasa, his manager at the time, said ‘You’re so nice man’ and Chameleone added: “That’s my Daggy Nice.” From then on, the people at Leone Island started calling me that.


We have seen you on TV a couple of times. Has TV been your dream?
My aspiration has always been TV. I have done promotional TV gigs for brands such as Airtel, MTN, DStv and Sadolin, among others. So when the opportunity of hosting The Beat popped up, I gave it a go.

What experience are you bringing to The Beat?
My previous TV experience is going to help me on the new show. I hope to bring a new kind of excitement, keep it calm and cosy at the same time.

Are you only going to be presenting The Beat?
No, this is not the only thing I will be doing. NTV is known for building big brands and showing that they can play around with talent to make five personalities from the same individual.
For example, Joel Khamadi was known for news and now the man is doing a golf show, Faridah Nakazibwe on Mwasuuze Mutya, Frank Walusimbi on Tuwaye, and many more. So yes, I am sure a show or two might pop up.

The Beat is a demanding show; are you ready to work Monday to Friday?
A daily TV show can be demanding, the biggest being commitment and dedication, which I am definitely up for.

Douglas Lwanga made quite a mark on the show. How do you hope to make people forget him?

Douglas Lwanga wrote a chapter of a special kind, not just for NTV but for the TV entertainment industry. He is no doubt a cool guy and my friend too. The difference between the two of us is that he is Mr Cool and I am the opposite.

Douglas Lwanga

The contest for this job was quite stiff. What do you think helped you win?
The people voted and of course, there was also an expert team at NTV to evaluate; they looked at things such as experience, industry connections, history and expertise, which I think favoured me more. So, thank you to those who voted.

If it was not you, who do you think would have won?
Hmmmm, to be quite honest, I had Esco at the back of my mind; That guy is solid, but I also had Tracy in the corner of my eye and one of them made it along with me. So I was not so far away from my guess.

What are your areas of expertise?
TV and stage. I host almost anything there is that calls for a microphone to speak. I do concerts, parties, charities, office celebrations, corporate promotions and commercials.

You have a wife and a child living abroad, is that right? How do you hope to balance work with family?
I work for a reputable company that understands the core values of things such as family and having to strike a balance, so I guess I will have time off.

Is the programme going to change now that it has new presenters?
We are definitely bringing heaps of change and something exciting is surely on the way. I mean, this is the biggest TV in the land and in the game, what do u expect?

Lastly, what do you think of your co-host Tracy Kababiito?
I call her Tracy. She is cool. She is dope. She is beautiful and has an adorable personality. I have had a chance to spend more than six hours with her. Believe me she gave me colour and range. She is hungry and very ready. From Faridah to Hatma, to Josephine Karungi, to Nadutu to Gashumba to Zahara to Annatalia to Bettina and now Tracy. The NTV girl star power never stops rising.

Media journey?
My radio journey is rather shorter than my TV journey. I started TV in 2014, as an Airtel field presenter, then in 2015 I was given another contract still by Airtel and before I knew it, I was asked to join Xpozed with Kats. David Kazoora aka JK and MC Kats helped me a lot to master the art of being on TV. From that time, the rest is history. I have done radio for only seven months and man, it has done wonders for me. Being able to speak and communicate researched information has made my mind broader and improved my speech 10 times better than before.

Tracy Kababiito


Who is Tracy Kababiito?
I am in my second year of Mass Communication at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. I love music and dance. My mother Agnes Smart is into real estate while my father, Obadiah Smart is a businessman.

Congs on becoming a presenter on The Beat. UCU is far from Kampala, how do you hope to handle the distance?
Ohh thanks. If I made it this far, I am sure God has a plan for me. But most importantly I plan to leave Mukono latest 3.30pm every day. My father is already working on how best I can manage my movements.

What will happen if you have exams to do during your show time?
My tests and exams in the past semesters have always been in the morning and I pray it says that way. And if it does not, I guess I will have to talk to my bosses so we can come to an understanding, because surely my degree comes before anything else.

Take us back to this journey. Who convinced you to participate?
Nobody convinced me to make the clip I submitted. All I remember is seeing a tweet from Maurice Mugisha about the search and I jumped at the opportunity real quick.

How many takes did you make before the final clip that you sent?
I did two takes and submitted the second one.

How many people saw that clip before you sent it?
It took me approximately six minutes to record and choose which one was best. I shared the video with the Media Challenge Initiative family on WhatsApp and they were excited, although many thought I could have made an even better one.

What happened when you were announced winner?
My brother Isaac has not stopped calling me NTV The Beat. If I am dancing or singing in the house, he will say I am practising for the show. All my brothers are super happy for me. My parents have always referred to me as their superstar and they are happy for me. Although my mum has urged me to be more than careful now that I am on the big screen.

What did your mother tell you to be careful about?
The media and its hyperbolic stories and to also watch my back everywhere I go.

You are so confident. Have you done TV before?
Yes. When I was 12 years old, I presented Come Alive, a children’s show on UBC TV. I also hosted Jazz Cafe on Jazz FM.

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba

What difference are you bringing to The Beat?
I am going to make sure this show is more interactive, because I believe this is something it has failed to deliver on well. I will not mention the other thing I plan to do because someone might pick up the idea. So, I will just say, watch the space.

What criteria did they use to choose you as a winner?
I posted on my social media and my people were voting and watching from everywhere across continents, especially my best friend Samantha Koshaba. She streamed live from the US every time I was on air. I had my girl Sheila Kakwenzire also telling me what I could do differently from the other contestants every day since she was watching faithfully. But before voting was even opened, I had a hashtag trending everywhere on social media. I did PR for myself, so my dedication to winning this might have also contributed to picking me.

Who else do you think would have won?
MC Esco or Sammy Wetala. MC Esco because of his experience and his fanbase and Sammy Wetala because he is a brilliant young man and easy to warm up to. I have worked with him before and we gave the crowd quite the show down. Not forgetting how loyal his fans are to him.

So, are you taking up Sheilah Gashumba’s segment on the show?
I am prepared to do any segments thrown my way but I must say Premiere Tuesday is my favourite; what better way to speak musically than to take a look at the new videos our artistes have put together.

Speaking of Shielah, how different are you from her?
Sheilah Gashumba is her own person and so am I. She has created her brand in the industry and she has done a great job. Many people have compared us but I believe we are completely different people, right from dresscode. Sheilah is so chic and I am more of tomboy.

What do you think of Daggy Nice?
I think Daggy Nice is nice. I have worked with him before on a pilot for a show, which might bless your screens very soon, Godwillingly.

Is The Beat all you are going to be doing on TV?
Huh. I do freelance writing on my blog, I have a YouTube channel and, I am learning camera work, so let’s say my goals are bigger than me. If God gives me life, you will be blessed to watch me grow into a news anchor, radio/TV host, writer and actress and who knows, someday you might watch me live from CNN.

How prepared are you for critics?
If Sheilah did it, I can ‘did’ it too (laughs). Critics are everywhere, people were already bashing me about my outfit in the video I submitted but I paid a deaf ear. Critics break you or make you. It is really your choice ‘Barking dogs seldom bite’ and that is all they are to me …barking dogs.

What should people expect from you?
They should expect nothing short of a lot of entertainment and personality. Douglas’ shoes are really big to fit in because he was/is a great presenter but I am coming with a different kind of energy because I have learnt from the best.

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