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Still on Bebe Cool’s list: David Lutalo says Bebe Cool was not supposed to be on his own list


The list that Singer Bebe Cool posted at the beginning of the year might have caused much pressure on the artistes that didn’t appear on his list. After Bebe Cool released his list of the artistes that he thinks did well in 2017, the ones who thought they had performed well but were missing on the singer’s list instead declared war on Bebe Cool.

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Among the artistes he mentioned was David Lutalo whom he credited for his Kwasa and Wooloolo. However in an unexpected turn of events, Lutalo has said that even though he featured on the infamous list, it wasn’t fair one because Bebe Cool himself doesn’t deserve to be on the list.


Bebe Cool’s list has been a major source of contention this year. COURTESY PHOTOS

He added that but since it was Bebe Cool’s opinion, he had to put himself on the list because according to him, he is one of the artistes that performed well in 2017.

When asked to do his own list of the top 2017 artistes, Lutalo said he is a singer and not in the Industry to make lists. “If 2017 performance in the music Industry was anything to go by and everyone was forced to make a list, I wouldn’t miss on any of the lists because everyone knows the qualities of the song I released that year,” Lutalo bragged.

He was speaking during his rehearsals for the soon coming Wooloolo concert.

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