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New year, new faces for the Canaan Gents

canaan gents

For the Canaan Gents, that ‘new year, new me’ phrase is not just a tired line. The a capella band whose voices are as sharp as their dressing are starting the year with new additions. If you saw them performing towards the end of last year, you may have noticed the two new faces. We can finally put names to the new faces.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us introduce the latest addition to the vocal team. Wasswa Elijah Kissiti and Kato Elisha Kissiti,” the band posted on social media, with a photo of the two.

Looking at the photo, it is a no brainer that the new additions are identical twins. The band took advantage of this little detail to have a little fun with their fans, taunting, “We’ll let [you] guess who is who.”

Canaan Gents

From the comments, this was no easy fit. Some fans thought the photo was a collage of the same person.

The next day, the band put the guessing game to rest by unveiling the older of the twins, Wasswa. The post also reveals that he is the one with a birthmark on the left eye.

Wasswa Elijah Kissiti

Today, we met Kato, and one thing became clear –these two are identical twins in the real sense of the word. They both sing in tenor, soprano and alto. They are in cooking school, love music (clearly), soccer (Man U fans), cooking, making friends and travelling.

Canaan Gents


The two join Geofrey Amanyire, Charles Ssentongo, Samuel Lubwama and Samuel Baker. The Canaan Gents have songs like Nkwagala and Azaaliddwa and Sing to their name.

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