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Kenzo signs new artiste Pia Pounds to Big Talent

Pia Pounds

Kenzo (C) shakes hands with his new signing, Pia Pounds (R)

Eddy Kenzo feels he has achieved it all. He has filled up stadiums both at home and abroad. He has won awards, some of which have never been won by any other Ugandan artiste and is also topping both local and global music charts.

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The singer has decided to choose someone to take on his legacy. Maybe in the near future. That hope lies in the hands of Pia Pounds, a new female musician that Kenzo signed to his Big Talent label yesterday.

“It’s a good feeling to recognize another fantastic awesome talent. Today Big Talent record label has signed this amazing beautiful diva pia pounds. As Big Talent we are so proud to have her on the label. Great stuff on the way. Congratulations,” Kenzo wrote.

He’s going to ensure that her singing career goes international like his and will also meet the costs of her audio, video and promotion of her music.

The excited new Big Talent member immediately took to her social media and wrote: “Am so grateful for this day.  I thank the almighty for the abundance in favor that overwhelms upon my head. I thank the almighty for the day Eddy Kenzo recognized me. Father please guide me into glory, this has been a dream for soooo long. I am so happy to be part of a family that never fails. Finally Pia is born.  May the flashlight never fade.”

Previously, Kenzo had signed singers Geosteady and Tip Swizzy but cancelled their contracts because of indiscipline.

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So in case you find Kenzo with a certain lady on events, don’t be quick to judge. She’s the new diva in Uganda’s music industry.

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