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Government should help Abryanz – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool has asked Government to support fashion stylist Brian Ahumuza, popularly known as Abryanz.

In a social media post yesterday, Bebe Cool who was recognizing the 2017 entertainment industry movers and shakers said that Abryanz has done commendable work for Uganda through the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs).

“I want to give special credit to Abryanz for organizing what am confidently calling Africa’s top fashion show in Uganda,” the post read in part.



He added that Abryanz needs to be supported so as to raise Uganda’s flag higher.

“I call upon the Ugandan government/my president to directly support by financing this young man because the event sells Uganda beyond our borders and fashion is also a key factor in promoting/keeping our culture.

His message comes at a time when Abryanz is reportedly facing financial challenges. He was recently detained at Jinja Road Police station after failing to pay debts from media personality, Brian Mulondo.

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He only managed to pull off last year’s ASFAs, after he got a hefty donation of Shs100 million from business man, Jack Pemba.

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