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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Bebe Cool delivers 2017 entertainment industry verdict

Singer Bebe Cool has given an uncalled for verdict of last year’s winners in the entertainment industry. It is the norm that media houses publish who rocked and who sucked at the end of each year but this time Bebe Cool decided that is also an authority on the industry and came up with his own list.

Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool has delivered his own verdict on 2017 entertainment industry. COURTESY PHOTOS

He says 2017 was really a good year for the music industry because many musicians took shape and position in the industry while some old artistes exited due to the pressure of new talent putting into consideration the major changes in types of music/beats/fashion and interest of the audiences.

Below is a list of artistes who deserve recognition for 2017 entertainment in Uganda according to Bebe Cool;


Ykee Benda: Superman, Eva, Malaika

Fik Fameica:  –Byenyenya, Kutama

Sheebah: Rambo, Muwe

Ykee Benda was credited.

Irene Ntale: Kyolowoza, Stamina daddy

Roden Y: kabako, Stani tonkema

Vinka: Over dose, Malaika

Voltage Music: Over dose, Cheza Mama

David Lutalo: Kwasa, Wolololo

Eddy yawe & Carol Nantongo: Tukigale

Moureen Nantume: Ndi muzade, Malidadi

Spice Diana: Bukete, Anti kale

Bebe Cool

Lydia Jazmine of the Nkubanja fame

B2C: Nyongera, Gutamiza, Akapande

Lydia Jazmine: Nkubanja, Cherrie, Drum

Geosteady: Owoma, Tokendeza

Bebe Cool: Katono, Mbozzi za malwa, Nananana, 18 & Over


Mariachi (local scene)

Mad rat & Chiko (local scene)

Salvado (international scene)

Comedian Salvado Idringi


Brian Ahumuza, popularly known as Abryanz



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Bebe Cool heaped praise onto Abryanz for organizing the Abryanz Style and Fashions Awards (ASFAs).

“I want to give special credit to Abryanz for organizing what am confidently calling Africa’s top fashion show in Uganda,” he wrote.

He also thanked clubs, DJs, radio and television stations in Uganda for the unconditional support that they rendered to young talent and good music.

He also thanked the Ugandan press for the good coverage of the entertainment industry saying that 90 per cent of what reported was constructive criticism.

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