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How to be Sheila Don Zella, the slay jajja


TRUE HUSTLER: For Sheila Nadete aka Don Zella, the hustle for the limelight is real. This girl…ooops, woman, hustles for her money that is for sure and whatever she has, she made it. And the way she has fought for the limelight, goes to show the go-getter warrior in her, taking on whatever challenges come her way.


First of all, Happy New Year 2018 to everyone that has consistently read the “How To Be” series. Y’all rock and I urge you to continue making Sqoop the undisputed choice for your week end’s read. We have stood heads and shoulders above the competition for years because of your support and mainly the freshness we redefine weekly. For socialite Don Zella, fighting the competition is a guerrilla war, complete with guns and grenades. If you are a Marketing student, this lady is a perfect case study of the depths people have to stoop to sway clients. It gets dirty often and in Don Zella’s case, unclassy! She took Her Royal Highness Zari down the rug of pettiness to promote her Gal Power themed party, held on the same day as the annual All-White Party, an event headlined by Zari.

Everytime you felt it was a mismatch between the two, Don Zella, the underdog, pulled a dirty one on her rival to level matters. Bringing Zari’s “co-wife” Hamisa Mobeto to grace Zella’s show was spiteful but “good” for business. To be fair, the rivalry is needless and has run its course already. Eventually, the housemaid always loses out to the lady of the house for the husband’s affection. You wanna be like Don Zella, copy my notes.

Petty is life
There are people who gave up on life. You know the kind who cannot be shamed or casually insulted. They are a dangerous lot you do not wanna start a war with if you have any sort of reputation to keep. Some of them stand at Speke Road and others are the Don Zellas of this world. They will run you down a murram road of pettiness and local insults if you provoke them. After former partner and Singer Big Eye claimed to be her baby daddy, she unleashed his dirty linen in an unforgettable Facebook exposé, leaving the artiste downright embarassed. There are just no limits with her.

The cheap and petty antics of trying to outsmart Zari tell half of the story. She can stoop lower. The lower it gets, the more attractive the challenge.
To be as petty as Don herself, you need a good decade of residence in places such as Katwe, Kisenyi where rural tendencies are groomed well enough there.
To be like the Don, be prepared to give up any sorts of morals and say whatever to whomever. The mature ones will walk away from the fight while the petty ones will take it down to the wire. Be mature enough to walk away from the fight and gather stones for rebuttal. That is high level stuff.

Miss “Me-too”
For years, Zari has blessed us with her royal fine-ness and somehow became a darling of sorts, partly because of her flamboyant lifestyle and sophisticated fashion sense. Don Zella was like “hold my glass, I got this”. Over the past year she has tried to show us that oldies too can slay, tucking up her body in swim suits with the confidence of a Victoria Secrets runway model.
Whatever Zari could do, she believed she could do better. The socialite even organised a themed party in a ploy to outshine Zari. Would you imagine that? The nerve! Who knew oldies would be desperate for some Instagram likes too?
You wanna be like Zella, do not allow any of these youngins to outshine you with their firm and youthful bodies. Take the fight to them even if it means unleashing miles of stretchmarks while doing so. They will swallow. Just beat them with experience always because it is priceless. The limelight is yours, simply claim it.

This lady can hustle that is for sure. Not all hustles have to be by the book. They can be crude, desperate or even risky. Don Zella has been on her hustle of clamouring for attention for years.First with the cross-generational relationship with a singer, events organising, scandals here and there. It has been a consistent journey and slowly rewarding. We can discuss her for the simple fact that she has demanded for it using so many gimmicks. Congs Zella.
Well, being a hustler like Zella herself means you will have to strip down of any beautifully written rules of business you learnt in school and do it jungle-style. You either eat or be eaten.
So there you have it. Go be like Don Zella.
Twitter: @InK_era35

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