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Here goes my list for 2018

This is the year of lists, I tell you. What, you have not yet heard? Well, it started with – maybe not really – self-styled Big Size, Bebe Cool releasing a list of what he claimed were his best songs/stand out artistes of the past year.

“2017 was a great year for the music industry as we witnessed a lot of new talent take shape and position in the Ugandan music/entertainment industry. At the same time we also witnessed old talent exit as the new young talent put a lot of pressure in the game, putting into consideration the major changes in types of music/beats/fashion and interest of the audiences,” he wrote.

“As a top artiste in Uganda, I have all the moral authority to say if you did not hear your music play or your artistes’ music play on radio, TV or club, then you or your artiste did not do well at all, no matter New or Old talent because the DJs did their part without favouring anyone.”

He then went on to list ‘artistes who deserve full recognition/credit for 2017 entertainment in Uganda and their songs accordingly.’

The list caused an uproar, with some of the bigger artistes who missed the cut accusing Bebe Cool of being egocentric. But it was his list. And in following the tradition of #Challenges, I present to you what I expect of 2018.

One. Uganda Cranes will not win Chan. Even without considering yesterday’s second Group B game against Namibia, the Cranes have had a dismal outing at all four Chan editions they have been to so far – winning only one game. This year will not be any different.

Two. Nigerian music to keep trumping local music. This is a given. Like years gone by, music by some unknown Nigerians will surpass that of your so-called big artistes. If I am not mistaken, even Rwandan music will gain more airplay in Uganda because of its improving quality. Watch out for The Ben.

Three. Talking of Ugandan music, I foresee massive comebacks. Extinct musicians will try and follow the footsteps of Madoxx, Kabuye Semboga and Henry Tigan to revive their music careers. Abdul Mulaasi and Chance Nalubega likely to lead the returning lot.

Four. Local movies will still remain that. Local. Poor scripts, unconvincing acting. Do not even get me started on continuity and sound. The only shining light might be a slight improvement in the lighting department.

Five. We shall still have the same President we’ve had for the past four decades or so. The Cabinet will also still be full of ageing politicians but most importantly, the Old-Man-With-a-Hat will still be abound come 2019.

Six. Did I say the Cranes will not win Chan? We shall be very lucky if we make it past the group stages.
There are my predictions, come and beat me.

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