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MC Mariachi finally introduced by lover

Isn’t it ironical that lately comedians are more serious about their relationships than musicians in Uganda? While musicians serenade us with love songs, comedians spend much of their time ridiculing love and the marriage institution. But don’t be fooled! The funny guys and ladies also want in in those sweet love butterflies.

Comedians like Hannington Bugingo and Richard Tuwangye are all in legal relationships, which is not the case with many singers.

Mc Mariachi and his fiance, Lydia Mirembe on their introduction ceremony. Many are wondering why the couple did not look happy. COURTESY PHOTOS

Yesterday MC Mariachi joined the list when his fiancé, Lydia Mirembe, introduced him to her family.

The comedian was taken to Buwenge, Jinja district and introduced to his in-laws in a ceremony that was attended by fellow comedians, television Presenters, actors and musicians. Ms Mirembe, however, originally hails from Kamuli district.

Among the people who escorted Mariachi include Capt Juma Seiko, Miles Rwamiti, Cindy, Kasuku, Alex Muhangi, Madrat and Chico, Godi Godi, Patricko Mujuuka and John Segawa among others.

Mariachi, real names Charles Kasozi, has for a long time been secretly cohabiting with Ms Mirembe, a fresh graduate. However, after her graduation her parents through her auntie told her to bring him home or else the relationship ends.

Alex Muhangi and Miles Rwamiti escorted their colleague to Kamuli.

We hope that after all this has ended, he will stop throwing jibes at people from the East during his comedy skits since has now married one of theirs.

Meanwhile the couple has not been spared by social media critics who feel the bride did not look happy on her big day. She wore a stern face in most of the pictures released online.

Nonetheless, we are eagerly waiting for the wedding but for now, congratulations are in order for the funny guy.Kudos MC Mariachi!!

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