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Maurice Kirya begs people to scream for him at show

Crooner Maurice Kirya was the last artiste to perform at the just concluded Roast and Rhyme family meet at Jahazi Pier. This was a very, very bad idea, going by the fact that he had an awful day compared to the legendary Kabuye Semboga and Michael Ouma and his band.
Kirya came on stage at 8pm. But instead of the applause he usually gets, ‘slay queens’ and the somewhat strange men just focused their attention on their phones. His performance only moved people to the beer selling points, toilets and car park. Only ‘Mulembe gwa Kirya’ saw a few people look up from their phones. Some were seen dozing off. After 30 minutes, he said, ‘That’s about it, I’m out of here.” A drunk reveller, visibly choking on a piece of raw meat, shouted ‘good riddance’ and went back to his drink. Not even his half-dressed groupies asked for an encore. They stared at him and hugged their tumblers. It is then that he requested the audience to clap their hands and shout on top of their voices in order to convince the organisers for him to do some more songs. They jam. He then pretended to be moving off stage but they just looked at him. He then ‘dropped his WhatsApp number’ and asked ‘us to chat later.’ I do not know how many saved it.

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