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Ssendi ready to face Mozey Radio

Singer Moses ‘Radio’ Sekibogo last week lost his cool during the Save Ugandan Music artistes meeting at Laftaz Lounge last Thursday.
While at the meeting, Radio grabbed a microphone from radio presenter and music critic Edward Ssendikadiwa aka Sendi amid insults. Sendi did not react and just when we thought all was done, Sendi together with colleague Isaac Katende (Kasuku) and Jenkins Mukasa decided to invite Radio and Weasel for their Talk and Talk Show on Dembe FM.
“Let him come for the show and make his point clear instead of shouting and causing a scene,” Sendi said. The duo said they are ready to go for the show today and discuss the future of Ugandan music and see how they can #SaveUgMusic. We hope the presenters will be wearing helmets for this one.

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