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Jack Pemba in war with new socialite

What started as a small social media fight has slowly blown into something else for two businessmen and socialites. Since last week, Jack Pemba has been exchanging insults with a man only known as Brian White. The fight was sparked off by the little known Brian, who came into the country a few weeks ago and started claiming that he is the newest young rich guy in town.
The two socialites almost got physical last weekend when they found each other at Fusion AutoSpa in Munyonyo, a hangout Pemba frequents. According to patrons at the bar, Brian White seems to have visited the bar with the intent to declare war on Pemba because he paid more money to book Pemba’s table at the bar.
Pemba was tipped off and when he got to the bar, he asked management to displace Brian. We failed to verify how much Brian paid for the table but what we learnt is that he placed Shs126m in dollars on the table and challenged Jack Pemba to beat that. For a man so hungry for the limelight, we are not sure why Brian, and his group, beat up a journalist for taking his photo.

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