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Sheila Gashumba chases Mariachi off her seat

There are two kinds of celebrities in Uganda. And last Friday during Cindy’s concert, Mariachi, a local comedian was lined up to perform but it seems they forgot to book him a table, so he decided to find a free seat on one of the reserved tables. Sadly though, the seat he chose was on Sheilah Gashumba’s table. Everything seemed kawa at the start but looks like the petite TV presenter later became uncomfortable seeing a weird-looking guy in their midst. She then asked her aides who he was and when they all failed to identify him, she walked to the comedian and whispered in his ear and then stood, as if in wait for action. Mariachi remained seated. Gashumba then made a second attempt and this seemed to shake the comedian and he left. But moments later, someone whispered to her that she had actually bounced Mariachi. And probably for the fear of being humiliated on stage, she quickly sent someone to call the comedian back. She apologised and invited him to the table again.

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