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How to be the notorious Conor McGregor

CONFIDENT: To bring him closer to home, Conor McGregor is like Golola Moses, with better English and a lot more fight in him. The guy talks too much but he acts too and has enough belief in himself. This self-belief is what saw the fighter face undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

What a climax! The motormouthed Irish UFC fighter Conor “The Notorious” McGregor was finally silenced by Floyd Mayweather in a hotly-contested boxing match. If you followed the promo tour of their fight, you must have caught wind of McGregor’s trash talking. He has more “F words” jammed in his gums and mouth than actual teeth. McGregor loves to talk dirty, provoke and taunt all his opponents like Mayweather got to find out. It is this uncultured persona that has made him a phenomenon in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the most recognisable face in mixed martial arts.
For a former plumber apprentice, he does talk too much. It clearly was not the kind of job for him. Fortunately enough, he has often backed up his talk with some action. Conor kicks butt that is for sure. He is the kind of guy to give you a kick up while laughing hard at you, a real bully. He would probably do this while asking, “Who is your daddy?” in that ridiculous Irish accent of his. If you wanna be like the Irish loudmouth, take my notes

Be A Braggart
This, Conor does really well. It is probably the only genuine reason we care to know about him in the first place. The guy is literally a Moses Golola with an Irish accent and less mbogos. They listen to the inner little voice we all choose to ignore, lest we get our butts kicked. You know that voice that makes you believe that you are twice as big or smarter than you really are. It is nothing but trouble. Well, Conor believes he is a beast and is not shy to let anyone know about it.
To be like Conor, you must view yourself as the best regardless of what anyone thinks of you. You can still have the sorry frame of Mowzey Radio but the belief of The Rock. We see many of these at the gym after one day’s work-out. The mere sight of sweat on their bodies makes them believe they can overthrow a government. Well, to be like Conor, have some unreal belief in yourself and show off whatever you have.

Still The Same Even After The Fame
Conor McGregor is real and grounded, forget what you might think of him. He is worth millions now but is still the same child who left Dublin to go pursue a career in mixed martial arts. This is surprising, considering that he has branded himself as an egoistic rascal who cares about no one but himself. The Irish fighter has been with his girlfriend since 2008 and moves everywhere with her to his fights. Shout outs to everyone still hanging onto some village slay queen who saw their hustle from scratch. You are rare. As dimes pile up, boys’ taste upgrades. Do not fall off the grid. Be like Conor. The guy has flown his friends from Ireland to his games and has even built his training teammates mansions to keep them happy. Guys, know where you came from. The cruelty of karma will have you swimming at a pool in Muyenga one moment and drowning in a swamp near Katwe few years after. Be humble. When you get that first cheque, empower your peeps. Do not lose yourself in pursuing short-term happiness with Brazilian haired slay queens. Genuine love lies in the kaweke-ridden Nakaweesi of Kalisizo. Give her a make-over at any saloon around town. That would be super dope.

Be a Tough Competitor
Almost everyone did not give McGregor a chance against Mayweather because he was a boxing debutant against a guy who is undefeated professionally in a career that spans 21 years. Still, Conor was not phased. He went around bragging about how he was going to finish him off Mayweather in a few rounds and to everyone’s surprise, Conor was technically knocked out as late as the 10th round. The boy had fight in him and he stretched it till the end. Sometimes you gotta bring out the lion in you. Do not be sneaking out of the back-door when you are faced with a tough test. Do not be the guy sprinting away from trouble when your boys are caught in a situation. Do not be the guy running for the hills when thieves break into your house. It is time to step forward and face your fears, like a man.
Well there you have it, go be like Conor.



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