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Alex Ndawula rejects deal to join Magic FM

But what don’t people understand in the word ‘retire’? I mean, wasn’t it clear when the Alex Ndawula hanged his gloves? But again, everyone would be looking to shop someone with 20 years-experience. And going by what we hear, Magic FM wants Alex on their team to bring him out of retirement a few days ago, but the radio legend said no. Not because he is happily retired, but because both parties failed to agree on the financial terms. Our source told us that David Kazoora, aka JK, who was entrusted with both Magic TV and radio was offering something not close enough to what Ndawula wanted.
And left without choice, Kazoora decided to take matters into his own hands by stepping in to do the programme. We are however uncertain if this will be on permanent basis or until they find someone that matches Alex.

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