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Radio and Weasel to skip KCCA carnival

There was a time the Goodlyfe duo Radio and Weasel were threatening to die out, and then their collabo with B2C happened. This regained fame is probably the reason the duo are hiking their price.
Although we have learnt that the Goodlyfe boys will be on tour in the US starting September 1 to October 14, they have given a different reason for not performing at the Kampala City Festival.
The excuse they apparently gave is that the council has not shown any respect for Ugandan artistes. Their main problem is that Diamond, who is the main act at the event, will be paid much more money compared to all Ugandan artistes set to perform combined.
We hear Diamond will be paid about Shs80m while the Ugandan artistes will be paid about Shs3m each and little-known artistes even less.

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