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French Montana asks Ghetto Kids to stay

No, not to stay forever. Three weeks! That is how long French Montana asked our (yes, we like to ‘tie’ on successful people), Triplets Ghetto Kids to stay in the US after their performance at the prestigious BET Awards in Los Angeles.
The kids’ performance was influenced by American rapper French Montana, who eventually featured them in his Unforgettable music video.
The dancers were meant to return together with Sheila Gashumba, who had gone to cover the red carpet session but they were asked to stay for two more weeks doing tours around the US with French Montana. After awesome countless performances in different states in the US, different event organisers have asked French Montana to let the Ghetto Kids stay a little while longer for more performances.
According to Dauda Kavuma, their manager, the dancers are happy but homesick. “They have become a household name in the US as different American rappers and singers are hanging out with them day in day out,” Kavuma boasted. Enjoy kids!

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