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Drunken Samira ‘ties’ on Weasel


Singer Weasel and girlfriend Samira have not been in good terms since last year. In fact, we have heard the two only get into contact when Weasel needs to see his child Dylan Mayanja.
And just when we thought by this time everyone had moved on, Samira pulls some suspicious moves on her ex at Chameleone’s concert. While attending the show last Friday, Samira was seen with a friend in possession of a bottle of Red Label, which they downed with supersonic speed.
Hours later, a visibly tipsy Samira started moving towards the stage looking for Weasel, who had finished performing.
We are not sure what Samira wanted to tell Weasel, but clearly she was a girl on a mission that night and the target was her baby father. Before going to Weasel herself, Samira had already sent a male friend to speak to Weasel but it looked like he had declined coming to her table.
This was when Samira decided to get up and approach Weasel. However on seeing his baby mama, the Goodlyfe boy just got up from his seat, jumped the barricade and went backstage. Here was where the two got to talk in private.


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