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Brenda Nambi making musical come back

Brenda Nambi…anyone? No one? Okay, remember that HB Toxic babe? The one who tried out a duo with Hellen Lukoma? Yes that one. Girl is making a comeback on the music scene after retiring or should be say taking forced leave.

The latest reaching our desk is that Nambi is striving for not just an ordinary comeback but one that will shake the industry. And probably to live up to her word, Nambi is currently undergoing vocal training at Fenon Records.
We have also heard that Nambi, who had turned into a fashion designer and owned Bambi Fashion House, is currently doing serious photo shoots that she plans to splash on her social media accounts.

You may wonder why now? And so did we, until we learnt that someone actually promised to have Nambi’s back on this – a sponsor who will be pumping in the dimes.

Brenda and Hellen were both part of the Obsessions before they moved to start HB Toxic. The group did not last long and she moved on to concentrate on her fashion house which sadly also collapsed. Since then, her whereabouts have been shady.

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