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Bouncers save Irene Ntale from drunk patron

Irene Ntale

She might be struggling musically right now, but one thing for sure is that Irene Ntale is still a star. And as a star, there are fans who will want selfies, those that just want to touch your body and then those that are just creepy. Irene Ntale happened to be a victim of the latter while at Space Lounge last weekend where she had gone to premiere her new video Kyolowoza.
While entering the bar at around midnight with her dancers and friends, Ntale was taken straight to the VIP Lounge. Moments later, journalists thronged her table to take photos and in the mix, a very drunk patron pounced on the singer. His intention: Trying to steal a photo moment. Sadly though, his actions made Ntale uncomfortable, forcing bouncers to carry him out of the bar. Banange hyper fans, put some respek on your celebs to avoid such embarrassments.


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