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Anita Beryl showcases at Fashion week in Barcelona

Anita Beryl

In the music business, performing or being nominated in the BET is the ultimate goal. In Football, playing in the World Cup is the best for every player while in the movies, getting a nomination in the Oscars means you have made it in life.
Now when it comes to fashion, every designer’s dream is showcasing their outfits in top fashion cities like London, Spain, France, Italy, you name it. So I guess in this case we would be right to say Uganda’s Anita Beryl has arrived. The Ugandan designer showcased her latest collection at the Africa Fashion Week in Barcelona.
Beryl’s pieces were featured on the runway that also included various designers from the continent, including South Africa’s Maxhosa. The annual fashion event seeks to highlight the beauty that is African fashion. Anita, who won last year’s Abryanz designer award, has previously showcased in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.


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