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Angolan Yola Semedo to headline Jazz Safari

The 10th edition of the annual Jazz Safari is only a couple of months away and we have been waiting to hear who the organisers will be flying into town. Well, there you have it. Angolan artiste Yola Semedo will headline this year’s ‘Wear your dancing shoes’ show as they celebrate 10 years.
“For the last nine years, we have explored American contemporary music; Jazz, funk and soul/R&B music. Last year, we included Lovers Rock Reggae for the very first time, and to celebrate our 10th anniversary milestone, we are featuring the global phenomenon that is Kizomba music,” Jazz Safari founder Tshaka Mayanja said.
Yola Semedo is regarded as one of the finest exponents of Kizomba, a ‘first cousin’ of Zouk, that is characterised by a slower and usually very romantic rhythm.
The artiste is the lead singer for the ‘Impactus 4’ family band, founded in Lobito, Angola in 1982 by Orlando Semedo. Her performances also include genres such as jazz, neo-soul and R&B.

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