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I’m not an upcoming artiste – Fille

CELEB CHAT: Fille Mutoni refers to herself as the RnB queen because of her soothing kind of music. She is a mother and musician. She chats with her fans about her career in music.

What happened to the concert you had promised to hold?
A lot happened that I cannot explain now. I’m so sorry to my fans but I promise we will have something before this year ends where they will get to listen to all Fille music.

What really happened between you and Kats?
I cannot comment more on that but like every couple, we had our differences. That is all in the past. We learnt and decided to move to greater things together.

That aside, what is Fille up to now?
I’m just completing my album, then after, I will do some tours after which, I will hold my long awaited concert. Besides, I’m also the ambassador of ‘my voice my power’ which encourages youth to speak out on the different issues affecting them.

Are the rumours true that you and Nutty Neithan have something going on after your collabo?
That is total rubbish and cheap talk. He is a good friend and a talented artiste I worked with on a project. We have never had a relationship. He is seeing someone with whom they have a family.

The titles of most of your songs like ‘Nakupenda, mbeera eno, Nonze gwe, and Cheery Boo seem to have a message directed to someone. Do you mind telling us who?
I sing more about love because it is a great feeling sharing my voice and talent through love songs. I also sing about love to keep people in that feeling happy no matter the situation.

Do you still consider yourself an upcoming artiste?
No, have some respect please. I have three albums, have done two concerts, did shows all over Uganda, I have two awards one from St Lawrence University, travelled and performed in the UK, Dubai, Rwanda and Kenya among other places. Would someone who has achieved all that be an upcoming artiste? I do not think so.

You are a mother and musician. How do you balance both?
With help of my management, music issues are sorted. As a mother, I do what a mum has to do for their child. I’m always there when I’m supposed to, feed her, and take care of her. Besides that, whenever I’m not available, my mother is always there to look after my daughter and so is her dad.

What has been your happiest moment in the music industry?
Every time I’m on that microphone with my fans, I cannot ask for more. That is the most precious feeling I’m able to make others feel happy with my voice.

You have collaborated with artistes such as Vampino, Nutty Neithan, and Mun G, who stands out for you?
They are all talented and good at particular things. I cannot compare them. Every artiste is special in their own way.

Besides those collabos you have done. Which other artistes do you want to sing with?
I would love to work with Juliana, Chameleon and Rema. Those two are legends who anyone would love to work with while Rema is very talented and her voice would fit perfectly with mine.

What do you want to achieve in music?
I want to be heard everywhere. I want my music to reach so far in that people in Brazil can notice that that is Fille’s song.

You look proud, is that the case?
You are so wrong. It is just that I mind my business. I prefer living my personal life and you should know that I’m shy and stubborn.

Music is often referred to as a career for failures. What was your parent’s reaction when they learned that you had joined the industry?
It was not easy at the beginning because my mum at first thought the same but as time went by, she started adjusting to the fact that she gave birth to a musician.

What is your best song so far?
As an artiste, I have a special bond with all my songs. But I would painfully choose ‘It’s not about Money’ because it was the easiest for me. I did it in one hour.


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