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Roja and Slick Stuart to host Uganda Entertainment Awards

Picture DJ Roja and Slick Stuart on the mic….uhhhhm nothing? Exactly our thoughts too. Those who know the disc spinners knows that they are men of few words, so the idea of them hosting a show is one we will report with reservations.
During the launch of Uganda Entertainment Awards last week, many people were shocked when the DJs were announced as the official hosts of the awards in September 9. This will not only be a first for the duo but also for the event.
Consolation is that they will be working alongside KFM’s D’Mighty Breakfast show host Malaika Nnyanzi. Asked how they will do it, Slick Staurt said many people think they cannot speak in front of a big crowd but they are in for a surprise. “Those who think DJ Roja is shy should come to the awards and be ready to be proved wrong because we are going to do it like the usual events hosts since we work in the same field and we know how they do it,” Slick Stuart said.
Also for the first time ever, the organisers of the awards have introduced cash to go alongside some of the accolades.

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