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Roger paid 300k every time he gets on Second Chance set

Roger Mugisha

Second Chance Uganda is one of those soaps that gets many Ugandans running back home – or does it? The show, that was launched a few months ago, features a number of renowned actors and celebrities.
But a few months down the road, some of the main actors in the series were replaced with new faces. Some notable ones such as Anitah Fabiola and Isaac Kudzu left because of unknown reasons. The local drama series though still has big names such as Roger Mugisha.
Our sources say the producers of Second Chance have managed to keep Roger Mugisha as the main actor until the end of the series because they have managed to meet his demands.
Unlike other members of the cast who earn a little less, our source told us Roger Mugisha asked the producers of the series for Shs300,000 every time he steps on set.
Could this be the reason the Fabiola and Kudzu left? Second Chance episodes are shot twice every week, meaning Roger bags a ka clean 600k every week.

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