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Leaked ‘sex video’ will not put me down, I remain a proud fiancée- Angela Kalule


Leaked sex tapes are nolonger breaking news in today’s society; once in a while, some sex clip will make rounds on social media and it’s no longer a big deal. It’s a nightmare though if the culprit is a renowned and respected person like Angela Kalule.

Well, the musician’s phone was stolen and the robber wasn’t satisfied until he hurt her more by sharing her ‘romantic video’ to the social media world. Did Angela freak out? Of course she did but the way she has handled it shows maturity.

Angela Kalule released a statement that said, “I take this opportunity to apologise to everyone offended by the recent circulation of private media from my phone. None of it was intended for public view and the invasion of privacy therein is offensive.
I however thank everyone that has encouraged me to stay strong. The inbox messages and calls from even my fellow singers are very much appreciated.”

She however condemned journalists who decided to use the clip to blackmail her instead of standing by her side but she says, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I hold no grudge against anyone who finds it befitting to condemn me. Neither will I hold one against the reporters and media personnel who called asking “okoze otya ekintu kireme kufuluma and tuleme kukwabya.”

She also said that the search for contentment through blackmail and invasion of privacy will not belittle nor make her lose her self-esteem as she holds her head high and will go about her responsibilities as a dutiful fiancée, singer and mother.



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