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I don’t just have a man, I am in Love- Nwangi

Winnie Nwagi

For all those that have been hoping to woo Winnie Nwagi into your arms,  please find a seat because this needs to find you sitting down. The bootilycious Musaawo singer is taken, and has been for a while. While appearing on KFM’s #SuperstarFriday last week, Nwagi told Uncle D on D’Hook show that she was not single. “Nawe I can’t be alone, shaaa…,” she blushed. “Look here Uncle D, I am not only dating, I am in love”.  Uncle D wondered if it was the father of her daughter Nwagi was talking about and here is what she said: “No, but we have been together for a long time, way before the fame. Yes the fame did throw a few rocks at us but we made it through. It’s simple. I assured him that he is the one and only and music is a passion and a job now. So when I go for shows, he is not worried at all because he knows it is work,” Nwagi said. The singer added that in fact sometimes she takes her man along for shows if he is not busy. We wonder which man is that who had the magic to get Nwagi falling.

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