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Wizkid’s Tweet to perform in Uganda twice was a stunt

When Wizkid posted on his twitter page that he would give Ugandans two free shows, screenshots of his tweet spread like a bushfire. Those who bought tickets to his flopped December 2016 show were excited. Others though, not so much with one ‘fan’ even telling the Nigerian singer to come with his own crowd.
Others were quick to question what two shows meant.
‘What did Wizkid mean by two shows? Was it performing on Friday and then Saturday or performing and coming back the next month?’ someone asked on Facebook.
Well leaving that aside, sources have confirmed the tweet was nothing about Wizkid performing in Uganda but he was looking for a way to divert attention from more trending news.
See, the other week Tekno and Wizkid were booked to perform at a show in London dubbed ‘One African Music Fest’. After the show, it is said that Wizkid was outperformed by Tekno and social media was awash with comments praising Tekno.
Wizkid could not have any of this and his mind went into overdrive thus deciding to ‘play’ with Ugandans. The tweet never mentions dates, the year or the month of the said two shows.
It should be noted that Wizkid was supposed to perform in Uganda last December but he didn’t because of reasons that have since then been unknown. This man is not our brother.

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