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Uganda takes centre stage at Indaba, in SA

The pomp, the glamour and the execution were all a beautiful display. To say that the opening of Indaba was colourful is to put it right because Durban’s ICC Centre came alive with music, dance and humour on Tuesday morning.

There were the Zulu dancers, youthful and agile with ability to stamp to the rhythm, and with attitude, smartly clad in animal skin and legs decorated with firm cooper bungles.

Memories of Shaka Zulu, a televised series on the Amazulu kingdom that aired on Uganda Television, in the 1990s, came alive, with recollection of Henry Cele in character as he went conquering on war expeditions, all brave, determined and notorious.

Tourism minister, Professor Ephraim Kamuntu(R) chats with attendees. Photo by Edgar R Batte

Then came a band, just as good as our Uganda Police Band, a little dramatic as they showcased their abilities in musically sounding instruments, complimented with a well-choreographed dance.

The Durban Quartet smoothened things out with their enviable vocal abilities as they did originals and some popular covers.

And when South African President, Jacob Zuma, ascended to the podium, he said what needed to be said of his country but his heart warmed up to Uganda, for its tourism potential which he relayed in words that told of the beauty of the Pearl of Africa.

“Yes, Uganda. It is a beautiful country, ever green and home to Lake Victoria…God had a lot of material so he played around with it to make this country such a beautiful country and I told my friend, ‘no wonder this country is so beautiful’,” His Excellency Zuma shared with a mammoth audience at Durban’s ICC Centre, in Durban.

His Excellency Zuma shared with a mammoth audience at Durban’s ICC Centre, in Durban. Photo by Edgar R Batte

Indaba is Africa’s biggest tourism marketing event in Africa that showcases the widest variety of Africa’s best tourism products, and attracts international visitors and media from across the world.

For your writer, being in the audience as Uganda was given the props at just about the biggest forum, to market its beauty to the world, was as exciting as can be.

Our tourism minister, Professor Ephraim Kamuntu, who was present and smartly clad in a cap and tie in Ugandan flag colour black, yellow and red represented well. It was a proud moment to be Ugandan.

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