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Throw back Thursday. When MC Kats cursed Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan Ssemwanga during Zari’s all White Party. Photo by Eddie Chicco

One year ago, MC Kats posted a very long and confusing message that we later understood after a very long hustle about his dissatisfaction with the Rich Gang especially Ivan Ssemwanga who is deceased now.

In the post, Kats, birth names Edwin Katamba was furious with the Rich Gang for not fulfilling their promises of paying him for all the work he did for them for four years. The events host went on to say that if it wasn’t for him, Ivan Ssemwanga and his entire crew would not be that famous.

MC Kats

“Four years back, I met this hungry man called Ivan Ssemwanga aka rich Gang through my old time friend Zarinah Tlale. He asked me how he could be famous. Me being a graduate in journalism, I started the art, made him meet all media people who now still think I earn from him so much,” part of the post read.

He went on to say that he did their public relations behind the curtains while they threw money around without paying him apart from the 50ks and ‘we will see you tomorrow’ promises besides the food.

On another occasion at silk, Kats said that Ivan promised to give him shs20m but didn’t make it happen but Fille’s manager promised to give half of that money to charity when it comes but guess that promise is now dead and buried.

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