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The promoters who wanted to bring Wiz Kid are Amateurs- Suudi

Event promoter, Suudi Lukwago

Suudi Lukwago is an events promoter who has brought us artistes like Marlon Asher, Brick and Lace, KCI and Jojo among others. He has also been able to manage quite a number of Ugandan artistes including Henry Tigan and Rena Nalumansi.

Because of this experience, Suudi believes he knows the reason why Wiz Kid never came to Uganda for his highly anticipated show a few months back.

Suudi said that Wiz Kid’s management was convinced that the artiste was going to perform in a night club, similarly to what he did during the Guinness ‘Made of Black’ campaign when he came here. With this, the management gave the promoters a huge discount of 40%.

He also added that the people behind the show were amateurs who even made the deal in Rwanda where the artiste had just performed from.  “The booking for Wiz Kid was made in Rwanda (where he performed) by people who are amateurs in the business. They comprised a singer, who isn’t familiar with Wiz Kid’s management and two naïve officials from Face TV,” He said.

The promoter then said that he got in touch with someone in Wiz Kid’s camp two weeks to the stipulated date of the concert, but they confessed they were not even rehearsing for the concert.

He concluded by saying that investigations should be carried out about this because many Ugandans were cheated.

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