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Singer Maro takes concert back home for the second time

If there is an artiste who is proud of his home people then it is Ronald Magada known to many as Maro. Unlike other singers that do not go back to their home districts to hold major concerts, Maro is set to do it for the second time after 2015 when he held a concert in Jinja.

Perhaps because of the overwhelming number of people that attended the Kamboyine concert in 2015 at Crested Crane in Jinja, Maro has decided to go back and this time to a bigger venue in Jinja town.

As you read this, the singer has set September 23 as his date for his Nziranago concert which he says will take place at Dam Waters, which are rugby grounds in Jinja. Speaking to Maro, the artiste said that he doesn’t only have fans in Kampala but also back home. “My fan base in Jinja is also big because I am a son of that soil, I always give back to them by taking to them a concert at least every after two years, I promised myself that I will always have a concert in Kampala and the next will always be in Jinja,” the RnB singer said.

He added that the concert will have 10 artistes from his home area, 10 from Kampala and three acts from around East Africa. When we asked him about the three East African acts, the singer said they were surprise acts and he wasn’t ready to mention them very soon because it will spoil the surprise for his fans.

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