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Sheilah Gashumba to eat big at NTV

Sheilah Gashumba

There was a restructuring at NTV recently and one of the people we must have been worried about was Sheilah Gashumba. I mean, the girl seems like she is just around around at NTV. But No, the gods were on her side.
The latest we have is that Sheilah Gashumba will be the new host of the Style Project, a show that was previously hosted by Sylvia Owori.
The brand new season of the show is expected to start this evening. Gashumba will be joined by Betinah, who was doing Be My Date and Tazibone, who was also part of the panelists during Owori’s time.
However, the 21-year-old will still be doing her segment on the Beat on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
The show was originally started with Solomon Tazibone, Kleith and Sylvia Owori but due to unforeseen circumstances, Sylvia Owori left and the show was forced on a break.

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