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Sheebah’s promoter to refund ticket fee

Singer Sheebah Karungi’s first time to perform in London will not come off as one of her best moments ever since she switched dance for microphone.
The event at the Epic Dalston hall headlined by Sheebah and comedian Mariachi, we were told, was so sold out that other revelers were forced to remain outside the hall. These included Sheebah’s manager Jeff Kiwa and some other fans who had bought advance VIP tickets. The revelers outside the hall turned chaotic and started a scuffle prompting the Metropolitan Police to step in. In the ensuing chaos, phones and wallets were lost.
After all that, JF Solutions – the organisers of the show – promised to refund the ticket fee to those who didn’t make it to the venue yet they had paid.
“We are only doing what is right for our customers. If they paid for a something that they did not receive then we have got to give them their money back,” said a JF Solutions spokesperson.
Should we blame event promoter for choosing a small venue?

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