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Pastor Manjeri brags at Babirye’s show

Pastor Manjeri

Among the pastors at Judith Babirye’s concert at Kampala Serena Hotel, Irene Manjeri was the one with the least flock but alas she had the biggest mouth.
Manjeri who turned Pride Theatre into her church was among the invited guests at the show and when all pastors were invited on stage, she started bragging as soon as she took hold of the microphone. She went on about how she has spent most of her life in the US, how she got married there and how she can’t stop listening to Judith Babirye’s music whenever she is driving from Texas to Florida (eyeroll, right?). This seemed funny in the beginning but as she continued bragging, the audience started getting irritated with some cursing while others jeered. But that did not stop the madam.
Sadly when she was asked to donate some money since the concert was for charity, this is what she said: “I don’t have any money on me right now but it is in my limousine that is waiting for me outside. I pray that Judith Babirye also gets a limousine like mine.” After noticing that the audience was unamused with her statements, Babirye took the microphone from Manjeri to applaud from the audience. Kyoka some pastors!

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