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From divorce rumours to celebrating Chameleon’s birthday

Whoever said that what God has put together no man can separate was right.

Recently, media was awash with stories of singer Jose Chameleon’s divorce with his wife Daniela Atim after it had emerged that the later had allegedly sued Chameleon demanding for a divorce over issues of domestic violence.

The singer was quick to rubbish the reports calling them family matters that were soon to be solved and by the look of things, may be Chameleon was right.

On Sunday evening, the sweet banana singer celebrated his birthday at Cayenne Bar which many were quick to suggest that it was his 39th birthday (though that is just hear say) and guess what, the  couple spent the whole birthday celebrations next to themselves pulling smiles and toasting wine glasses like newlyweds.

The two who arrived at Cayenne hand in hand ready for the celebrations, left no room for speculations that were making rounds previously that their marriage was allegedly on the verge of collapsing.

The reserved Daniela who was all smiles all through, seemed happy as she served cake to the legendary musician.  The Singer also served cake to his other friends and family that graced the occasion and entertained them with some of his music.

Chameleon afterwards posted a video of what transpired at his birthday party thanking Cayenne Management and his friends and family that attended his party.

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