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Exodus gives his award to Levixone

Gospel singer, Exodus

If all artistes emulated how gospel artistes did it, the Ugandan music Industry would be a really peaceful place. Sadly though, when David Lutalo wins Artiste of the Year, Bebe Cool will complain about how David Lutalo did not deserve it because perhaps he is not better than him in any way. Last Saturday, gospel singers Exodus and Levixone did something we have not seen in the Ugandan music industry for years. At the event, the organisers announced Exodus as the winner in the category of Teeniez Gospel Song of the Year for Nyinimu.
Exodus held Levixone by hand and went with him to receive the award, with revellers shouting Levixone’s name. While on stage, Exodus received the award but gave it to Levixone, saying he was the one that deserved it. “The song Ani by Levixone was more popular than my Niyinimu song. I feel Levixone has worked harder than me this year and allow me present the award for gospel song to him,” Exodus said as he handed Levixone the plaque. Awww!
Levixone, who only thought he was accompanying Exodus on stage, was in shock. Keep up the love guys!

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