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Ann Kansiime ventures into leisure business

Comedian Anne Kansiime

Everything has to come to an end at some point in life and for Ann Kansiime, maybe her time in comedy is fast approaching as she can hardly pull off jokes that get people laughing.

But having been there and done it all, Ann Kansiime has gotten a lot of experience especially from the various trips she has had in her career.

The comedian has resorted to venturing into another business that she can perhaps rely on if comedy completely fails.

Kansiime, we can confidently confirm has started constructing leisure homes in her home town Kabale.

Because she wants her name to still be recognized, Ann decided to name them ‘Kansiime backpackers’ and situated on the shores of lake Bunyonyi, conveniently overseeing the lake.

She must have gotten the idea from the endless trips she used to get because not many can afford to risk jumping onto this kind of business especially with the fact that Jinja is the best place for such businesses going by the fact that it has a lot of tourism activities.

Kansiime Backpackers is expected to officially open in July with a big unveiling slated to happen before.

This however is not Kansiime’s first business as she has a bar in Naalya called Kubby’s that has been in existence for more than two years now.

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