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A fan who touches my butt deserves a slap-Sheebah

Singer Sheebah Karungi

You want to have a problem with Singer Sheebah Karungi? Tell her she likes being half naked. The Swaggmama has always told whoever cares to listen that it is her life and she does not dress the way she does to impress or inspire anyone. Over the weekend, Sheebah lost her cool but it was not because of her dresscode.
While in Bundibugyo last Sunday where she had gone to perform at an event organised by Africell, Sheebah was disrespected by one of the revellers and according to her, she was left in a dilemma of whether to slap the fan or do the needful (we did not understand what she meant by ‘doing the needful’).
While getting on stage, Sheebah passed through a group of guys who were somewhat tipsy and one of the fans tapped her butt, something which didn’t go well with her. The Nkwatako singer stood for a while and looked back at the fan but only because her session was next, she ignored and went on stage to do what had taken her to Bundibugyo. “I always feel like slapping some people’s stupid faces when they touch me inappropriately especially when they are unknown people.” What can we say? Guys, there is no excuse for tapping any woman’s butt. Put some respek on it, shall we?!

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