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Ziza Bafana is a genius-Julius Kyazze

For a person who has dealt with musicians almost all his entire life to bow for one particular musician means only one thing. That the musician has something special he brings to the table. And to Julius Kyazze, Ziza Bafana is that one artiste he believes is special.
“I have seen many musicians do their thing but Ziza Bafana is so special. I saw him in a studio session and the way he does his thing will also leave you mesmerised. He doesn’t come in studio with lyrics written somewhere and neither does he choose what beat the producer should use but what he does is completely different from other artistes. He goes straight to the booth, raps without the beat and after tells the producer to choose a beat that he thinks fits the lyrics,” Kyazze said.
You might ask yourself where Kyazze got the authority to say this but being one of the brains at Swagz Avenue, his words must mean a lot. Could this also be a strategy of one businessman’s mind to lure the artiste to join his record label? Only time will tell.

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