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RTV Awards CEO almost sheds tears on stage

Yusuf Lule

For seven years now, radio and TV presenters have been enjoying recognition for the effort they put into their work. Every year however, the number of people participating in the awards keeps going down. During last weekend’s event, most reserved tables had two or three presenters while most seats in the general audience were empty.
This did not please Yusuf Lule, the awards CEO and he made this known to the guests during his speech when he was invited to give some remarks.
He ranted about how the awards are supposed to benefit radio and TV presenters and yet the same people were turning a deaf ear to them. The guy was too mad that he even revealed how his family wanted him to stop investing in the awards.
“The same people I’m fighting for are the same people that are turning me down. For the past three years, my family has been telling me to stop investing in these awards but I ignore them because I have a passion for the media,” he said.
Even the presence of Jeff Koinange and Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze, the minister of Information Technology and Communications couldn’t hold him back.

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