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I wanted to stop singing – Juliana

Ever since she dropped her song I’m Still Here, social media has been abuzz. And the trolls had a good time dissing her video for bearing similarities to J-Lo’s Aint Your Mama. But the song was not the only thing Juliana had to release when she came out of hibernation last week. Appearing in her first radio interview Sanyu FM’s Celeb Select last Saturday, the songbird had a lot more to get off her chest about the loss of her son – things she had not shared with the world. “I got depressed. Some days were extremely difficult. I wanted to give up and it was one of the reasons I took this long break. I wanted to stop singing. I didn’t want to do anything else. I wanted to get on a plane, go to some small country, get a house and live there,” a visibly emotional Juliana told Crystal Newman. And although it is more than two years since she lost her son, the singer admitted that she still looks at his pictures, drawings, his cup, and is taking the healing process step by step.
“I do not share a lot about how I feel because all people want to hear is music, and to see me happy. But I thank God for the prayers and people who encourage me.”
During the interview, the singer who acted in Henry Ssali’s Kiwani movie also confessed about her love for acting, saying she is open for a movie or TV role anytime. Well, we hope some directors were out there listening.

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