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Hustler: Veronica Nanyonga

Veronica Nanyonga

TOUCHING UP: Veronica Nanyonga always loved looking good and five years ago, with only Shs500,000, she turned her enthusiasm into a business.
For how long have you been a makeup artist?
I have done make up for five years now.

How much money did you start with?
I started with Shs500,000 but the business is now valued at more than Shs5m.

What does it take to become a makeup artist?
From experience, it is the love of looking good and of course the passion for art. Some people go to beauty schools, while others get makeup tutorials online.

What kind of makeup suits which person?
It depends on the kind of ceremony and the look the person wants to wear but more importantly, one’s skin complexion.

What makes you different from other makeup artists?
I love doing makeup and the person face remains the same, so I always advise the client before working on them. I do not just rely on their instincts.

Does makeup have side effects on someone’s face?
Definitely. If you wear so much makeup everyday, your skin has a way it changes. It can become dry and scaly, and sometimes the skin tone on the face might differ from the rest of the body.

Is the makeup industry profitable?
Absolutely. Women are always looking for ways to look more beautiful and hot. Men have also embraced makeup these days.

Why would men need makeup?
Men have to look good as well. If you found a man who has applied a little make up, they will look better. A little lip gloss helps to avoid cracked lips.

What would you say to someone who prefers to be natural?
It is good because it defines your beauty but a little makeup will make you look more gorgeous. There is makeup for natural looks.

How much do you charge for your makeup?
My prices depend on the function but they are negotiable.

How many clients do you work on in a day or week?
I can work on two or three clients a week and may be a bridal entourage on a weekend but business booms towards end of the year.

Who is that memorable person you have worked on?
Aisha Lubega, the vice chairperson of Electoral Commission.

What challenges come with this business?
Competition is getting really tight; many people are getting into the business and there are fake products on the market.

Where is the business located?
Ntinda Shopping Centre Shop B5 or call 0701053488.


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